Whatever happened to the “paperless office”?

Validated Workflows: the New Paperless Webinar ? Thursday, October 24th 2019, 11am GMT

By Marta Rosa Spiga

Since the beginning of the great IT revolution, the complete digitisation of any document has been predicted as a point of arrival for business organizations, the most striking example of what is called the “Paperless Society”. In 1980 The Economist had published an article, “Towards the Paperless”, in which the advent of the computer was identified as the factor that would mark the beginning of the paperless office era and the triumph of data digitisation.

“We should ‘reduce the flow of paper, ultimately aiming to abolish it’,” the article said, boldly proclaiming the intention for a new future. More than 30 years later, The Economist asked: “WHATEVER happened to the “paperless office”? Since then, alas, global paper consumption has increased by half”.

According to Quocirca’s Global Print 2025 market insight the crucial role of innovation is well understood, but endorsing it is seen as a challenge, particularly amongst SMEs. A kind or revolution is expected, with 70% of industry executives predicting a major change to their business models due to external forces. Only 31% currently feel well-prepared to respond to the challenge.

The study covers 575 small, mid-sized and enterprise organisations across the USA and Europe. It analyses plans for investment in security, cloud, mobility, analytics and digitisation– all essential ingredients for flexible working, to ensure employees remain productive regardless of location. But if paper is our present, why can it not be our future? Why should we all be going paperless?

There are the primary forces challenging the status quo, like for example the rapid rise in mobility, the acceleration of digitisation and the shift to the ‘as-a-service’ economy. A new era of connectivity, collaboration and innovation is born. In fact, teams distributed across the world will require tools that allow a better collaboration, cloud services that help the digitisation of workflows, which will further contribute to a reduction in demand for print volumes.

Patrick Murray, the Compliant Cloud Technical SME for Pharma VIEW (Validated Integrated Enterprise Workflows) is speaking in a webinar on the 24th of October that will help you to understand the benefits of going paperless, using some common use cases as inspiration. Save the date and don’t miss the opportunity to know more about validated workflows, the new paperless.

Find more here:https://compliantcloud.com/webinar/

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Marta Spiga

Marta Spiga

Marta Spiga is a Digital Marketing Specialist.

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