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Software Companies

Life Science offers significant opportunities for software providers.


The rising need in life sciences to increase operational efficiency to help drive better outcomes, is accelerating the pace of cloud technology adoption.

For SaaS providers to be successful in life sciences they must have an awareness of the role regulations play and how they influence SaaS development activities.

Failure to understand the unique requirements of this regulated industry creates a significant barrier for companies hoping to expand into life sciences.

SaaS providers must have a framework in place that allows them to explain their development process and controls. CompliantCloud helps by forming the foundation of such a framework.

If you are a company that is expert in developing and supporting SaaS offerings but lacks experience in demonstrating compliance as it pertains to life science regulations, let OdysseyVC’s CompliantCloud provide the compliance foundation you need.

If you are a company that is experienced in delivering on-premise life science applications but with little or no experience in delivering SaaS applications, let Odyssey VC’s CompliantCloud be the foundational qualified infrastructure you need to develop, demonstrate and deploy validated SaaS.

The Platform

Full Visibility.
Full Control.

Alleviate the concerns of your life sciences customers by proving you have considered the regulatory requirements and demonstrating that your cloud application has been developed and deployed on foundational qualified infrastructure fit for purpose for life sciences.

CompliantCloud has been designed in accordance with industry regulations and guidelines such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EMA Annex 11 and GAMP (GxP for applications) and can seamlessly and securely support life science cloud applications.

Ensure you don’t lose sight of your cloud infrastructure compliance status as you continue to develop new features, deploy new versions, expand and grow your business. 


  • Gain market access and competitive edge
  • Gain time to market advantage by streamlining your compliance approach
  • Increase your ability to focus on your core business by automating mandatory compliance deliverables
  • Increase your prospects for successful life sciences vendor approval status by demonstrating your ability to support your customer

The Company

Supporting your journey to life science approved vendor status

As an experienced and seasoned service supplier to life sciences, OdysseyVC knows what is required to become a successful SaaS vendor. SaaS providers seeking to provide solutions to the life sciences industry should pay particular attention to ensuring they can translate and explain their controls and good practices. directly responsible for the solution compliance status, their regulated customer will rely heavily on their activities and process to support demonstration of compliance. OdysseyVC can support SaaS providers with putting in place procedures and governance that support regulated activities.