For Next Generation Life Sciences.

Tuesday 7th December 2021, 12.30pm GMT

Webinar Series:

Compliant Digital Transformation for Life Sciences

Odyssey VC brings together industry experts in a 4-part Webinar Series to discuss the challenges facing this highly regulated sector around digital transformation, and what could be the potential compliant solutions.

Meet the Speakers

Tom McKittrick

Sales Director

Mag Corduff

QA & Compliance Business Solutions Consultant

Fionnan Friel

Chief Operations Officer OdysseyVC

Oisín Curran

Chief Executive

Webinar Summary

The goal of this series is to bring together industry experts to discuss unique perspectives, experiences, challenges, and credible solutions that could accelerate digital transformation in the highly regulated life sciences sector.

In this series, we will cover:

An exploration of what compliant digital transformation means for life sciences.

We will debate some key questions:

  • What progress has been made with respect to digital adoption in life sciences?
  • Who and/or what is driving the demand?
  • What have been the challenges and roadblocks?
  • How can the adoption of compliant digital technology be accelerated?

A practical look at how to tackle digital compliance obligations.

Addressing key questions:

  • What are the highest-level risk areas and main pitfalls?
  • Does using smart digital solutions reduce your digital compliance obligations?
  • Are there new risks and pitfalls to consider?

We will discuss cloud technology adoption for GxP environments.

Addressing key questions:

  • Are the benefits of cloud worth the investment for life sciences?
  • Regulatory bodies are encouraging the development of GxP cloud applications but are they doing enough by way of guidance?
  • What are the grey areas of cloud adoption for life sciences?

We will discuss the challenges and solutions around digital compliance maintenance.

Addressing key questions:

  • What does compliance maintenance look like in a digital world?
  • Do processes and activities change?
  • What needs to be considered for digital record retention compliance?
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