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Drive better outcomes in Life Sciences through cloud technology.


As life sciences companies adopt new technology to help drive better outcomes, they are increasingly being drawn to innovative Cloud offerings.

The adoption of digital technology plays a critical role in a life sciences company’s ability to evolve, gain competitive advantage and continually improve outcomes for their customers.

However, developing a digital vision for a life science company also means establishing a clear view of the potential compliance implications.

Life science companies can not only choose solutions that drive operational efficiencies, the chosen solutions must also meet compliance demands.

Embracing a Cloud solution can often come with a feeling of trepidation for a life sciences company, who knows, that although they are now outsourcing the GxP (life science) software service, that the responsibility and accountability for compliance of that software and the compliance of its infrastructure environment remains with them.

OdysseyVC acutely understands the industry regulatory requirements and what is needed to support life science companies in their adoption of Cloud technology.

The Platform

Full Visibility.
Full Control.

Ensuring that your cloud applications meet regulatory expectations starts with ensuring that your foundational infrastructure is qualified and fit for purpose.

The experts at OdysseyVC have developed a fully qualified infrastructural platform that supports life science cloud applications. The platform has been designed in accordance with industry regulations and guidelines such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EMA Annex 11 and GAMP (GxP for applications).

Ensure you don’t lose sight of your cloud infrastructure compliance status as you deploy new GxP applications to support your company’s digital evolution.


  • Reduce the risk and alleviate concerns by deploying on demonstratable and auditable qualified infrastructure.
  • Reduce complexity and suitability concerns by employing a flexible, scalable and secure fit qualified cloud infrastructure
  • Reduce cost and time associated with qualifying cloud infrastructure by leveraging an established and controlled solution
  • Increase confidence in your outsourced infrastructure by having the transparency and evidence to support regulatory inspections

The Company

A vendor you can trust

OdysseyVC is acutely aware of the criticality of vendor selection for life sciences companies. As an experienced and seasoned service supplier to life sciences, OdysseyVC know that to be a successful vendor to life sciences you must replicate life science industry best practices.

We understand that although we are not directly responsible for the solution compliance status, our regulated customer will rely heavily on our activities and process to support demonstration of compliance. That is why we have put in place procedures and governance that supports regulated activity.

Always driving compliance excellence


Quality Management System (QMS)

OdysseyVC has implemented a robust Quality Management System and has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. By maintaining a defined and transparent quality process, we can comfortably demonstrate our platform’s qualification process and controls for development, change, configuration and security.

Information Security Management System (ISMS) 

OdysseyVC proactively manages its security responsibilities, supported by an effective and sustainable Information Security Management System (ISMS). We are ISO 27001 certified. This ISO 27001 certification demonstrates our commitment to keeping high standards of security and consistent service.

Audit Ready 

Having truly understood what is necessary to be a supplier to life sciences, OdysseyVC can effectively and efficiently support regulatory inspections and audits and confidently demonstrate that our platform and business is fit for purpose for life sciences.