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We are looking to engage customers in our product development process.

About Our Program

Odyssey VC is developing a cloud solution to support and accelerate compliant digital adoption in the life sciences sector.

For many companies the process of developing, deploying, or integrating new cloud-based solutions in strict regulatory environments can be daunting and complex. We are diversifying and expanding our existing offering to guide the correct building and management of qualified cloud infrastructure which can form the foundation for your validated applications

We are looking for interested “Early Adopters” who are willing to become part of a mutually beneficial relationship and who are willing to provide us constructive feedback and insights on our concept, design, and prototypes.

Webinar Summary

  • If you are an advocate for digital transformation in your life sciences organisation
  • If you have quality and compliance responsibilities for cloud-based infrastructure
  • If you are developing cloud solutions which service the life sciences industry

What’s Involved?

  • 1hr Voice of the Customer sessions every 4 weeks
  • Program will run for approximately 6 months
  • Program will be made up of a few journey stages:
  • Stage 1: Exploring the challenges and the opportunity
  • Stage 2: Functional scope, features, and benefits
  • Stage 3: Pilot implementation
  • Stage 4: Feedback and evolution
  • Stage 5: Business model innovation
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