For Next Generation Life Sciences.

About Odyssey VC

A next generation innovation from OdysseyVC

Brought to you from market leaders OdysseyVC, CompliantCloud is a global game changer for the life sciences sector.

Guided by experts

OdysseyVC is the standard when it comes to digital compliance in the Life Science sector. CompliantCloud is a solution that is uniquely designed and build by OdysseyVC’s specialist compliance and life science experts. Experts who’ve a deep and innate understanding of the unique challenges and complexities of this highly regulated industry.

Empowered with infrastructure

Across its global client base, OdysseyVC identified a key barrier for their Life Science clients in embracing next generation technologies – the lack of fully qualified infrastructures. So, they created one – CompliantCloud. A smart solution for life sciences, and those that serve them, to enable easy and complete compliance.

Informed and in control

Now, empowered by CompliantCloud, Life Science companies can safely adopt technologies. They can innovate and embrace these next generation technologies while retaining full visibility. And full control. It’s pushing the industry forward. Unlocking new and better solutions. Creating faster routes to market.

Propel your organisation to success, unlocking safe access to next generation technologies in the highly regulated life sciences sector.


Cloud Infrastructure

Deploy, develop and maintain your validated software applications in the cloud with confidence with CompliantCloud.

Fully Qualified

Have full visibility, full control, with a qualified status that is fully demonstrable, evidence-backed and audit-ready at all times.

For Life Sciences

Have complete confidence in your compliance with all the Life Science industry specific regulations and guidelines.